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Archive of Stuart Brown's Rambles

Archive of Stuart Brown's Rambles

Review of 'DinoBirds - The Feathered Dinosaurs of China' - Exhibition, Review of 'Radiant Thinking Mindskills Course', Review of 'Space' the TV Series and Video, Acoustics, Carpet Underlay and the Value of Sanity, Blue Plaques and Other Good News, Vitamin SOS - The EU Food Supplements Directive, Taken? No Thanks., Canine Cushing's Disease - Jacks Tale, Synesthesia - It's a Colourful World!, Ginkgo Biloba - Bearer of Hope?, SARS 2003 - Influenza 1918 - A Warning From History?, Ink Stains and the Roman Alphabet, Badgers and Buttheads and Fish Stocks, The Reluctant Vegetarian, Missions to Mars, The Joy of Indoor Rowing, Etymotic Headphones - The Sound of Clarity, Harry Potter and the Mathematics of Doom, Independence Day, Ginseng - Stress Slayer Supreme!, The Dummies Guide to Blood Pressure, The Power of Drinking Water, Foot Science, Fully Stretched, Coffee - The Market (Part 1 of 2), Coffee - The Science (Part 2 of 2), Do Fish Feel Pain?, The Hook - A Siren Calls (A Poem), The Lord of the Rings - The Exhibition, An Open Letter to David Blaine, TV To Die For, A View From Across The Pond, Killer Cancers, Googlewhacking, Christmas - Go Figure, Scintillating Rugby Facts, The Matrix - A Study in Perplexity, Science and Poetry - The Power and the Passion, What Have The Victorians Ever Done for Us?, Christmas Cartoons, New Year's Resolutions – What's Great In Your Life?, Jack's Tale - An Update, Martian Missives, Science is a Passionate Endeavour, A Short History of Contact Lenses, Valentine's Day, Orchid Obsession, Asteroid Cola: Impact Your World, How to be a Mug, Internet Science Week, Relatively Speaking, Camphill Communities, Gorillas will be missed, Anyone for Tennis?, Snooker Loopy, Compelling Cheese, Life is a Rollercoaster, The Boomerang is British!, Comparison Shopping for Boys Toys, Google - Google.com and The Google Financial Bandwagon, Health Club Razzmattazz, Transit of Venus 2004 Week, Ballet or Sauna?, Whaling - A Bloody Business, The Black Death - Black Death Plague Facts, Big Brother Balderdash, How to Make the Best of Life, 65 Facts You Never Expected to Know, Olympic Dreams - Summer Greek Olympic Games 2004, Olympic Facts, Gmail or Hotmail?, What a Turkey, Turkish Delight, RSS Feeds, Autumn Is Here, Supercomputers, Superman and Stem Cell Research, Chuggers, Chavs and Buzzwords, Elm Trees and Dutch Elm Disease, Google Browser - The Future of the Internet?, How to Cook Perfect Roast Chestnuts, Umbrella's, Heinz Organic Tomato Ketchup, Christmas Quotations, Chestnut Tree Facts, Building Bridges - Bridge Trivia, Tsunami Tragedy, Titan Tastic!, If the answer to life, the universe and everything is 42. Then where does science fit into the equation?, Rats are Great!, Computers, Worms and Technology, The Kyoto Protocol, Number Stuff, Terry Goodkind Ate My Hamster - A review of Chainfire By Terry Goodkind, Mesothelioma and Asbestos Information, Travel London in the Sun, Easter Trivia,
April Fools Day, How to Elect a Pope, California Dreamin', California Dream On, Are YOU A Monster?, 100 Not Out!, NLP - Fit for Life?, Star Wars - May the Force Be With You, Neil Diamond Forever, Fact - It's Summer, Apple Ipod Photo 60GB, Cruising Along Eating a Pizza, Big Brother 2005 Update, London Olympics 2012, Life is an Arbitrary Thing OR Reflections on 'Song for Guy' By Elton John, Pottering Around, English Cricket Trivia History, The Zorilla - The Smelliest Animal on the Planet, All Rhodes Lead To Music, Hurricane Katrina, Ashes Cricket Crossword, Sudoku, Leonardo Da Vinci, The Gym Membership Trap!, The Joy of Parachuting, And a Big Thank You to Stuart

Science News

Science News

Science Articles

Science Articles Archive

Space Articles

Lunar Leonids, The Youngest Pulsar Yet, Riding a Magnetic Bubble, Wheels in the Sky, Spaceships of the Future, The Great Telescope Race, Exploring The Invisible Universe, Are We Alone?, Worlds Around Other Suns, The Real Armageddon, Alien Contact, Life Off Earth, The Hubble Decade, Recipe for the Universe, Seasons of the Sun, Water on the Space Station, Breathing Easy on the Space Station, Microbes on the Space Station, Constructing the Space Station, Image of the Cosmos, Terraforming Mars, The Alignment of Planets, Nature's Tiniest Space Junk, Martian Life - The NASA Cover Up?, Unmasking the Face on Mars, Planet Hunters, Distant Wanderers, Saturn's Rings, The Edge of Sunshine, Water on Mars, Gravity on the Brain, The Stuff Between The Stars, Lost in Space, A Day in the Life of a Space Walker, The First Starlight, Space Power, Rocket Ride, Space Scents, The Archaeology Mission, Danger in Space, Men in Space?, Quaoar, The Great Dark Spot, Human Time Bomb?, Popcorn Supernovas, Astrophotography, A Star With Two North Poles, Making A Splash On Mars, Ancient Planet, Harvesting Mars, How Astronauts Get Along, Revenge of the Magnetar, Black Hole Sound Waves, Solar Superstorm, The Sun Goes Haywire, Membranes on Mars, Mars Mice, The Fruit Fly in You, Can People Go To Mars?, Microscopic Astronauts, Resilient Rockets, James Cook and the Transit of Venus 1769, Blue Moon, The Last Moon Experiment?, Shields Up!, Solar Cycle 2004, In Search of GravitoMagnetism, Soldering Away, A Breeze for the Star Signs, Sights and Sounds of Titan, Space Teamwork, Moon Solar Flares, Rainbows on Titan, Blue Skies on Saturn, Mars Via The Moon, Moon Dust Madness, Prospecting for Lunar Water, Friday the 13th 2029, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Moon, Approaching Mars, A New Kind of Solar Storm, Spectacular Conjunction, A Forcefield for Astronauts, Abandoned Spaceships and Moon Buggies, 10th Planet, Crackling Planets, Radioactive Moon, Mars Doubles In Brightness, New Moons for Pluto, Arthur C. Clarke - the Visionary

Planetary Science Articles

Learning from Lightning, The Fury of Hurricanes, Storm of the Century, Electric Skies, The Age of El Nino, Super-Thunderstorms on Jupiter, Chasing Tornadoes, The Solar Weather Technique, Great Eruptions, Worlds in Eruption, Weird Weather ,Dynamic Pulsating Eruptions, Ocean Forces Threaten Our Climate, Earth's Fidgeting Climate, Contrary Thermometers , Flowing Sand in Space, Continents in Collision , Heart of the Hurricane , The Greening of Mars, Jellyplants on Mars, The Water of Life, Science Out of Africa, Hurricane Pilots, Planetary Waves and Ozone Holes, Global Warming and Storm Chasing, Great Bugs of Fire, The Science of Sandcastles, Moon Trees, Strange Clouds, Earthquake!, The Hidden Life of Thunderstorms, The Earth's Magnetic Flip?, Global Warming - Chilling Possibility, Storm Warnings, Cold Peril: The Ulysses Spacecraft, Cracks in Earth's Magnetic Shield, Extreme Ecosystem, What Causes Droughts?, Asian Earthquake 26th Dec 2004 - How The Earthquake Affected Earth, The Sands of Mars, Moon Fountains, The Leonardo Da Vinci Glow, Moon Tennis, How is a rocket Like a Guitar, Terror of the Tsunami

Biology Articles

Memories are Made of This, Aquatic Culture , Form Follows Sequence, Finding Fossils from Space? , Science, Wonder and Ancient Wisdom, Do Women Prefer 'Manly' Faces? , Don't Turn Your Back On Science, Almost Like a Whale, Holding Hands with Dinosaurs, Ancient Falconry, Plastics You Could Eat, Extinction!, Superbugs From Hell, Life on Mars?, Surviving Life on Mars, Who wrote the Book of Life?, Life in the Dark, Genesis by Comets?, Space Seeds Return to Earth, Gravity Hurts, Space Bones, Wide Awake in Outer Space, Into the Minds of Babies, Wizard Science, Floating Fertility, Good Vibrations, Combatting Anthrax, The Science of Shark Attacks, Cell Wars, Dizzy in Space, Skeletons in Space, Armageddon, Healthy Intentions, Sowing Seeds in a Magnetic Field, Rift Valley Fever, Fantastic Voyage, The First Blood Transfusion (Almost), Space Medicine, Hip Science, Balancing Brains, Hypergravity, Robot Blood?, Ecology Ablaze, The Essence of Humanity, Artificial Cells, Slaphead Science: A Brief History of Baldness Cures, DNA Biosentinels, Space: A Bad Influence on Microbes, From Sex to Humanity: How to be Human - A Guide in Two Parts (1), From Sex to Humanity: How to be Human - Part 2, Hospital Infections: Past, Present and Future, The Science of Love, The History of the Black Death, The Black death - Modern Nightmare?, The Electric Border Collie, Have Blood - Will Travel, DNA Secrets of a Salty Survivor, Malaria Alerts from Space, Cataracts - Blinding Flashes, Space Radiation, Obesity Beware! Weight Loss Explored, Greenhouses for Mars, Why Do Workouts Work?, Ultrasound for Astronauts, Howard Hughes and OCD, Cancer Mystery, Sleeping in Space, Life Before Birth, Prozac For Plants,

Physics Articles

Unveiling the Dark Energy, Buckyballs...?, The Theory of Everything, Eclipse that Changed the Universe, Supernova sheds light on Dark Energy, The Beginner's Guide to Making a Star, A Beginner's Guide to Antimatter, Reaching for the Stars, The Pleasure of Finding Things Out, Ballooning for Cosmic Rays, The Sun's Sizzling Corona, Bizarre Boiling, Santa's Science, Black Holes and Time Machines, Atomic Clocks, Superfluids and Neutron Stars, A Galactic Mystery, The Great Ketchup Mystery, The Science of Dunking, A New Form of Matter, Floating Flame Balls, The Science of Superman, Coffee Physics, Crystal Magic, Superconductors, Solar Spitwads, The Science of Washing Up, City-Swallowing Sand Dunes, A Troublesome Theory, Extreme Maths: The Art of the Infinite, A Brief History of Infinity, Spooky Atomic Clocks, Evicting Einstein, Mystery in a Cup of Tea, A Sphere of Near-Perfection, Was Galileo Wrong?, Molecules Rule!, Spinning Human Brains, Relativity Revisited, A New Form of Matter 2, Picking On Einstein, Was Albert Einstein A Space Alien?,

Technology Articles

Imaging the Brain, Virtual You, The Audacious Space Elevator, Aurora - Secret Hypersonic Spyplane, Space Walking Robots, Flight into the Millenium, The Spacehopping Hyperplane, A New Dream, Chemical Calculators, Space Lasers Take to the Winds, Solar Power from Space, Brainy Bots, To Catch a thief, Flying into the Future, Building a Droid for the ISS, The Phantom Torso, Materials of the Future, The Computer Graveyard, Bionic Eyes, Climate Modelling at Warp Speed, Beer in Space, Space Touch, Super Spaceships, Wax Powered Robots, Cool Fuel Cells, Glass From Space, Hydrogen Cars, The Greatest Plane Ever Built, Guiding Light, Langorous Liquids, Silicon Sidekicks, CPOD - A Black Box for People, Bacterial Circuits, Whatever happened to Virtual Reality?, Robots of the Future, Spying on Central America, Electronic Nose, The Rise and Fall of the Mayan Empire, The Science of Nanotechnology, Plastic Spaceships, How to Build a Better Rocket Engine,

Science and Nature Poems

Science and Nature Poems Archive

Dust, The Human Seasons, The Astronomer's Drinking Song, The Star-Splitter, On Dreaming, The Eagle, The Tree, Stars, The Passing of the Year, The Elephant in the Moon, The Butterfly, The Positivists, from Of The Progress Of The Soul, To the Memory of Sir Isaac Newton, The Waterfall, Hymn to Science, Greatness in Little, The Phoenix, The Laboratory, Sun Rhapsody, Hymn before Action, Snow, The Art of Preserving Health, Nature - The Gentlest Mother, Barren Spring, from In Memoriam, On the Universality and Other Attributes of the God of Nature, The dissolution of the world proovd from the mortallity of every part, from The Enquiry, God Gave a Loaf to Every Bird, The Owl and the Pussy-Cat, The Wind, The World - A Child's Song, Two Rivers, The Atom, The Paradox of Time, On the Ice-Islands Seen Floating in the Germanic Ocean, The Mowers - An Anticipation of the Cholera, Sleep and Poetry, The Star, To Summer, from My Childhood Home I See Again, Lay of the Trilobite, Worm-Powder, The Spider and the Fly, The Glow Worm, The Sluggard, O Captain! My Captain!, A Dialogue between the Body and Soul, The Tyger, June, 'I am like a slip of comet', from An Essay on Man, Of Many Worlds in this World, January, 1795, The Magnet, Earth The Healer, Earth The Keeper, The Country Doctor, To a little invisible..., Christ in the Universe, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Fireflies, The Tides, An Aquarium, Sea Fever, The Light of Stars, A Ballade of Evolution, The Tables Turned, I Have Never Seen "Volcanoes", The Daffodils, The Wind, The Inward Morning, The Raven, I Remember, I Remember, Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening, Full Many a Glorious Morning Have I Seen, The Botanic Garden, Man, Sandcastle, The Promise of the Morning Star, At a Lunar Eclipse, Sleep! Sleep! Beauty Bright, Nature, To a Poet a Thousand Years Hence, Alone, All Things Bright and Beautiful, Darkness, Science, A Boat Beneath a Sunny Sky, Benzene, A Chrysalis, Dulce Et Decorum Est, Young and Old, The Moon, A Psalm of Life, The Passionate Man's Pilgrimage, Sonnet to Science, The Sugar-Plum Tree, Stillness, The Snowstorm, Work Without Hope, The Reaper and the Flowers, Ginkgo Biloba, Time Long Past, Parted, She Walks In Beauty, The Cloud, Evening Star, The Character of a Happy Life, An English Breeze, The World, On The Beach At Night, Naturalist's Summer Evening Walk, A Light Exists In Spring, Maidenhair, To The Moon, The Glass On The Bar, Hiawatha's Photographing, The Fish, The Magnet and the Churn, Escape at Bedtime, On the Future of Poetry, To A Cloud, Break Of Day, On a Honey Bee, Summer, The Flower, The Junior God, Life, Light Shining Out Of Darkness,The Two-Sided Man, The Fallen Star, Sad-Eyed and Soft and Grey, Autumn, The Jolly Company, To The Terrestrial Globe, Imagination, The Night Wind, First Love, My Star, The End, Her Immortality, Human Life, Milk for the Cat, I am a Parcel of Vain Strivings Tied, The Microbe, Men Improve With The Years, Hospital Barge, The Night, A Song of Winter Weather, Lines Composed In A Wood On A Windy Day, You Don't Believe, Love's Philosophy, You Meaner Beauties Of The Night, To The Sun, The Star, Memory, Fossils, A Song of the Future, An Astrologer's Song, The Matrix, Dining-Room Tea, The Park, At the round earth's imagin'd corners, The World, The Starlight Night, Life, Venus Transiens, The Power of the Dog, On Looking Up By Chance At The Constellations, The Whale, The Powers of Imagination, The Definition of Love, The Voice of the Lobster, Earthquake, She Hears The Storm, Vision, In After Days, Bright Star, The Balad of the Black Fox Skin, NOW!, The Winners, The Cockney Soul, The Earthly Paradise: Apology, The Salt Flat, November, All The World's A Stage, The Past, The Forgotten Grave, My Last Duchess, The Rose, The Wild Honey-Suckle, Christ's Nativity, One Day, Last Lines, Wanderers, Break Break Break, Full Moon, The Blue Mountains, We'll go no more a-roving, The Dreams, A Letter from a Girl to Her Own Old Age, On The Backwardness Of The Spring 1771, A Garden Song, Gold!, The West Wind, Drinking Song, On the Excellence of Burgundy Wine, Love Is Enough, Success is Counted Sweetest, The Mad Gardener's Song, Only Roses, Singers to Come, The Flea, Music, Night, The Gladness of Nature, Child of Dawn, Sudden Light, The Sentimentalist, Long Ago, Happy is England, When Earth's Last Picture is Painted, When the Rose is Faded, The Lady of Shallott, The Rainy Day, Life, I Would I Were A Careless Child, Love's Lantern, An October Evening, Evening Primrose, A Dream, An Ode to the Rain, When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer, A Tragedy

Science Video Clips

The NASA Space Program - A History of Americans in Space

Part 1 - Beginnings, Part 2 - Moon Landing, Part 3 - Skylab, Part 4 - Columbia


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London Olympics 1948, Pop Music, Cats and Dogs, Saturn, Tsunami, Salt, Great White Sharks, Transit of Venus 2004, Galileo Spacecraft, Flies, Valentine's Day, Atomic Clocks, Drug Use in the USA, Microbes, Obesity, Hair, Earthquakes, Hot Weather, High Blood Pressure, Blood, Coffee, Ginkgo Biloba/Maidenhair
, Photography, Magnetism, Mars, Cocaine,

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