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  The International Space Station (ISS) represents a global partnership of sixteen nations. This project is an engineering, scientific and technological marvel ushering in a new era of human space exploration. The million pound space station includes six laboratories and provides more space for research than any spacecraft ever built.


Articles on FirstScience Relating to the International Space Station

Wheels in the Sky - The vision of Wernher von Braun.
Water on the Space Station - Using and re-using this most precious of commodities in Space.
Breathing Easy on the Space Station - Exploring the life support systems on the Space Station.
Microbes on the Space Station - Keeping microbes in check.
Constructing the Space Station - The construction of a home in Space.

Building a Droid for the ISS - NASA scientists are building a talking, thinking and flying robot to help astronauts with their chores in space.
The Phantom Torso - An unusual space traveller named Fred is orbiting Earth aboard the International Space Station. His job? To keep astronauts safe from space radiation.
Materials of the Future - The advanced space ships of tomorrow will be crafted from far-out materials with extraordinary resistance to the harsh environment of space.
Space Seeds Return to Earth - Seed pods from a commercial gardening experiment aboard the ISS are back on our planet. The far-out pods could hold the key to long-term habitation of space.
Dizzy in Space - Astronauts returning to Earth sometimes feel light-headed. It's been a problem since the earliest days of human space exploration, but now doctors may have a solution.


Here we have a selection of various media to inform (and maybe even entertain you) of the various aspects of the International Space Station...

An image of the ISS now (0.5Mb), and when complete (85kb) (Due November 2003) - Don't worry there are loads out there - just follow some of the links below.

Meet MC, he'll take you on a virtual tour of the station - we have a choice of either a Real Media or Windows Media versions of the tour (both approximately 2Mb).

(You can download the player of your chioce by clicking on either of these)

Download Real PlayerDownload Media Player 7

Commercial Links:

Inside the Space Station - a comprehensive site from Discovery.
Shuttle Press Kit - NASA, United Space Alliance and The Boeing Company have joined forces to compile and present the definitive source for Shuttle mission information.
United Space Alliance - a Boeing / Lockheed Martin joint venture formed to conduct the Space Flight Operations Contract for NASA.
esa - and finally, the European connection!

NASA Sites:

Human Space Flight - a site dedicated to human endeavours in space.
NEXUS - for all the latest developments on the Space Station.
Liftoff - track the ISS and MIR in real-time to find out exactly where they are in space.
SpaceLink - an invaluable library of resources anything ISS related.
Spaceflight Questions and Answers


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